Positively Smarter Than Harder for Success

Positively Smarter Than Harder For Success

Positively Smarter Than Harder for Success

Where do you turn when you are overwhelmed? There The Eastern Keys are simply four things you need to do when you feel as though you do not have anything left in you to continue to press forward. One, fall on your knees and pray. Two, ask the Lord for strength to keep pressing forward. Third, get up and immediately get to work by putting your prayer into action. Then finally, learn to understand and appreciate the process. The journey of success is a four step process itself. The process begins with setting a goal, working diligently towards achieving the goal, obtaining the goal, and somewhere in between, finding ones self-fulfilling prophesy. It does take a lot out of you to reach your goal in life. However, as mentioned before, anything worth having is worth praying, worth fighting, worth sacrificing, and worth changing for.

When I was ten years old I had little or no interest in cooking. All I knew about food was how to eat it and what I liked. That changed after I saw 'The Odd Couple' which was the film adaptation of Neil Simon's popular Broadway Play. Being a reasonably neat person, I could somehow relate to the character of Felix Unger played by Jack Lemmon. His cooking also caught my eye and I was instantly hooked.



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